• Cash Flow/Budgeting

How are you funding your life? Are your expenses and income making sense or are you just winging it? We help you figure out a plan to adjust what needs adjusting and make sure you're staying financially healthy. 


• Tax Planning

You'd be surprised at how often people pay unnecessary taxes. Are you sure you're only paying what you owe and getting the most out of your return? We help you develop strategies to reduce your current and future tax burden. 


• Employee Benefits

What's a 401k versus a Roth 401k, and how much is the right amount? Do you have an HSA? How much, if any, should you contribute? What about stock options? We help you understand what benefits are appropriate and how to get the most out of them. 


• Debt Management

Imagine the feeling of being debt free. That's a game changer. What's the fastest and most realistic path to making that dream a reality? We help you create a plan that's doable. 


• Investment Planning

How much should you be investing and what should you be investing in? Do you have a strategy to match your timeline? Charts, graphs, decimal points — these are some of our best friends! We help you understand your options and we don't use jargon that flies over your head. 


• Retirement Planning

What type of lifestyle will you be able to maintain in retirement? To help clear uncertainty, we make sure your current investments don't just perform well; we also make sure they align with future factors. For example, how much social security can you anticipate? Will you claim any pension or deferred income? How much debt will you be servicing? Understanding these and other factors is the difference between chess and checkers (and we highly recommend chess).


• Risk Management/Protection

We all know that somedays it rains. What does future rain look like for you? Will an umbrella do just fine or will you need something bigger? The level of risk that's appropriate for you depends on a lot of factors. We help you figure out what yours are so we can make a smart game plan. 


• Estate Planning

What type of preparation have you made for your loved ones? How can you prevent a financial mess in a time of grief? If you should ever be incapable of making decisions, who will be the person to make those? These can be uneasy questions, but we help you come up with solutions that are right for you and your loved ones. 


• Goal Tracking/College Savings Plan

The price of tuition keeps rising. Will you be able to contribute the amount you want for your kids or grandkids? Are there other goals you want to achieve? What's on your bucket list? We help you figure out simple, actionable steps to crossing it off the list and getting the t-shirt!