Address: 4656 Amber Valley Parkway Ste. 101 Fargo, ND 58104

Phone: 701-232-7282

Fax: 701-232-7289



Who is your typical client?

Our typical client usually fits into one of these two categories: 

1) Young professionals who are looking to make more educated financial decisions. 

2) Those nearing or in retirement who want to make sure their financial plan lines up with their next stage of life. 

Who would NOT be a good fit?

Honestly, if you fit into one of these categories, we'd recommend looking elsewhere for financial guidance. 

1) Those who think they can outsmart the market or simply want to trade on stock tips. 

2)Those who would sacrifice comprehensive financial health for an investment return.

Can I work with you if I don't live in ND?

You absolutely can work with us if you don't live here. We serve clients all over the country. As long as you're comfortable with some basic technology — Skype, FaceTime, phone, etc. — we can make it happen. 


Can't I just find free resources online to do my own financial planning?

Yes, you could. But you could also find free resources to learn how to perform open heart surgery. Joking aside, financial planning, while obviously not life-threatening, can be costly. Errors are often difficult to reverse. It's similar to buying a house from a Do-It-Yourself owner who did lots of “remodeling.”  


Do you have a minimum investment or income requirement? 

No, we don't. That's one of the benefits of a fee-based financial advisor. We're able to give you the same quality of services and advice regardless of the amount you're able to invest or your income. Cool, right? 


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