Do any of these make you nod your head?

  • You've been sort of “winging it” with your finances.  
  • You google your financial questions like it's Web MD for money. 
  • You wonder when or if you'll be able to retire. 
  • The thought of paying for your kids' college gives you anxiety. 
  • Your most important goals seem financially unrealistic. 
  • You think financial advisors are just for rich people. 
  • You know these topics are important, but they make you want to eat ice cream and watch Netflix.

Let's Talk.

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Hi, I'm Matt.

I recently was having knee trouble so I went to the doctor. But the language and discussion was anything but clear to me. It made me uneasy. All I wanted to know was “This is what's going on, we've dealt with this before, here's how we can fix it, and then you'll be better off than you are today.” I didn't want to become an expert in medical terminology. I just wanted to understand the plan to fix my knee. 

That's our approach to financial planning. And just like everyone who goes to the doctor, your situation is unique. Yes, there are general principles and common procedures, but everyone is different. Blood type, age, current medications, past procedures, etcetera — just think of the paperwork you fill out each time you're in the waiting room! That's for a reason. 

To understand you and your financial situation we first have to get to know each other. No, we don't have to become best friends (though we might!), but there has to be a level of mutual trust and respect in order for us to figure out a great plan to get you where you want to be. 

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